Having been recently told you have Diabetes may seem overwhelming and a lot to deal with. However, taking control of managing your Diabetes will make a difference. And there are some simple things you can do that will make you feel better and mean you can live a more healthy life.

An important step is getting your new blood glucose meter. If you are on insulin and/or sulphonylurea, your Health Care Professional will prescribe a funded CareSens meter that will be supplied by your pharmacy.

If you are only on Metformin or diet control, you are not eligible for a free meter from your pharmacy. However, if your healthcare professional has determined that you will benefit from using a blood glucose monitoring system, and has provided you with a coupon, Pharmaco is pleased to support you by providing a free CareSens N or CareSens N POP meter by following the instructions below.

Along with your meter you will automatically get registered for the DOABLE Support Hub which will help you take small DOABLE steps toward improving your health. You will also be eligible for a FREE assessment for the YMCA's Jumpstart programme, a fun health and fitness program designed especially for those dealing with Diabetes.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a more advanced CareSens N Premier meter with Bluetooth functionality. Get your free CareSens N or CareSens N POP meter below Or click here to purchase CareSens N Premier meter.

Select your new meter

There are two meters to choose from; the CareSens N and the CareSens N POP.

You will need a coupon code from your Health Care Professional.