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Diabetes is a major health problem in New Zealand, and we are proud to provide a range of state-of-the-art blood glucose meters, support products and software to consumers and healthcare professionals, to help people with diabetes to control their disease and improve their health and well being.

We go beyond merely supplying products. We recognise that managing diabetes can be challenging. To help people with diabetes and healthcare professionals who use our diabetes products our call centre is available 24/7 where people can talk with our support staff, who listen to and help with product enquiries. We also have a team of company representatives who educate healthcare professionals about our products and provide product support nationwide.

i-SENS manufactures the CareSens diabetes blood glucose test meters, strips and accessories, which Pharmaco distributes throughout New Zealand. Based in South Korea, i-SENS invests heavily in new product research and development and has built one of the largest glucose strip production facilities in the world. i-SENS is truly a technology minded company and they continue to work closely with us to provide product enhancements, where possible, to respond to New Zealand’s requirements. In addition, i-SENS, Pharmaco and a local information technology (IT) company are developing product enhancements in the rapidly developing health information technology sector for diabetes.

Pharmaco offers sales and marketing services to international pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic and scientific companies requiring representation in New Zealand and Australia. Its service is supported by warehousing, distribution, regulatory and administration services. Pharmaco is a leader in its field and an example of a company that has taken an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to serving the New Zealand public with vital healthcare products and services. The company also has an Australian subsidiary, Pharmaco (Australia) Ltd, which was established in 2005 and is based out of Sydney.

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