Learn how to use the CareSens Dual

CareSens Dual meter is perfect for people who need to test for blood glucose as well as blood ketone. CareSens Dual offers an ideal platform to perform blood glucose and blood ketone tests on a single meter. With the Bluetooth connectivity to compatible smartphones, you can upload the test results to the SmartLog phone app.

Compatible test strips: CareSens PRO for glucose testing. KetoSens for ketone testing.

Turning Bluetooth On/Off

Testing Blood Glucose

Bluetooth Pairing

Setting the Date and Time

Inserting or Replacing the Batteries

Entering Set Up Mode

Control Solution Testing

Setting the Strip Expiration Date Indicator

Turning the Beep On or Off

Setting Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia Indicators

Setting the Alarms

Strip Expiration Indicator

Attaching Flags to Blood Glucose Results

Viewing Test Results