Why should you regularly monitor your blood glucose?

For people who have been diagnosed with diabetes and who are taking medications, being aware of your blood sugar is a vital part of  their  diabetes self-management plan.

Regular monitoring of your blood sugar will indicate how your body is responding to medications, change in diet and exercise. This can help you and your healthcare professional to more precisely manage your diabetes. The trends from the regular monitoring of blood glucose can help to:

  • Recognise factors that may result in low or high glucose level
  • Show the effect of medications, diet and exercise on your blood glucose levels
  • Change the treatment plan, if required

For effective monitoring of blood glucose levels:

  • With the help of your healthcare professional, find your blood glucose targets and testing schedule
  • Accurately follow the procedure while checking blood glucose
  • Record your test results in a logbook or download to a compatible diabetes management software such as SmartLog.
  • Identify the patterns and factors that cause change in blood glucose levels.
  • Discuss with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your treatment plan.