Learn how to use the CareSens N Premier

CareSens N Premier meter is perfect for people who need an advanced blood glucose testing meter with Bluetooth functionality. With the Bluetooth connectivity to compatible smartphones, you can upload the test results to the SmartLog phone app. CareSens N Premier offers a large screen with illuminated numbers for easy reading of your test results. If you are using CareSens N or CareSens N POP meters, you can keep using your CareSens N test strips.

Compatible test strips: CareSens N test strips

Bluetooth Pairing

Testing Blood Glucose

Setting the Date and Time

Control Solution Testing

Setting Up the Meter

Viewing Test Results

Attaching Flags to Blood Glucose Results

Turning Bluetooth On and Off

Set Up Mode

Setting the Hypoglycaemia Indicator

Setting the Alarms

Entering the Expiry Date on the Strip Expiration Indicator

Setting the Strip Expiration Indicator

Turning the Beep On and Off