Time to spring-clean your health routine!

We tend to get a little slack in winter in terms of our diet and exercise, so make spring a time to reflect what is, and isn't working. Then you can work out ways to better look after yourself.

With the return of warmer temperatures and more sunlight, staying motivated and on top of your health can be more doable. Now you have the flexibility to do all those important walks and outside activities that you might have missed during the winter. Spring-clean your health routine and reinvigorate yourself so you take good care of your overall health. Your CareSens blood glucose meter may also need some attention, as daylight saving will mean a reset of the time.

IMPORTANT: Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise programme or changing your diet.

More Doable in the warmer months
Keeping on track with your diabetes can feel more doable in the warmer months. Use this beautiful time of the year to revisit new healthy food recipes; stay away from the winter comfort food and try adding more bright and colourful seasonal vegetables to your meals. 

Let’s get physical!
Spring is a great time to re-engage with an active brisk-walking regime. If it is raining, head to the local mall for a ‘Mall Walk’. You may find some local malls open their doors early to groups of mall walkers, making it a safe and warm place to exercise. And walking and talking is always more fun!

Being Bright and Positive
The lack of sunshine and darker days can lead to people feeling down and may affect their mental health. With brighter and sunnier spring days on the horizon, try and get outside in the sunshine and engage in activities you love. Spend time with positive people that make you feel good and keep up the activities that you enjoy. And don’t forget to talk to your healthcare professional if you are concerned about how you are feeling.

Keep your CareSens meter up to date
Let’s not forget your important companion that measures your blood glucose levels – your CareSens blood glucose monitoring system. Your CareSens monitor can provide you and your healthcare professional important information on your daily blood glucose levels that can be useful in the management of your diabetes.

Following the recent daylight saving time change, you may want to adjust the time on your meters. Please see below different ways you can adjust time on your CareSens meters:

  • Pharmaco Diabetes website offers short videos on setting up date and time. Please click here and choose your meter and find the video under the ‘Videos’ tab.
  • If you use the SmartLog software to download your test results, you can simply use the ‘synchronise’ option after downloading your meter. The SmartLog software will automatically sync your meter time with the time on your computer. Click here to learn more about SmartLog software.
  • A guide to change date and time can be found in your CareSens blood glucose monitor’s user manual.

 If you want to know more about using your CareSens meter, check out Know my meter. You can also  talk to our friendly CareSens support team on 0800 GLUCOSE (0800 82 45 67) or support@pharmacodiabetes.co.nz.