CareSens II Meter Replacement

As a part of PHARMAC’s new funding criteria, CareSens II meters and associated test strips are no longer funded. If you are using a CareSens II meter you will need to replace your meter to continue to have your test strips funded. Check the table below for your meter replacement options.

Current Meter Current Diabetes Medications CareSens II Replacement Meter Options
CareSens II meter Insulin and/or sulphonylurea tablets (e.g. gilbenclamide, gliclazide or glipizide Please contact your pharmacy to discuss funded meter replacement options. Usual pharmacy dispensing fees may apply.
CareSens II meter Metformin only or diet control

Your are not eligible for a funded replacement from your pharmacy.

However, for a limited time only you can apply for a FREE CareSens N meter exclusively from the Pharmaco Diabetes website. Simply fill in the CareSens II meter replacement form below to apply for you FREE meter.

FREE meter replacement (for CareSens II users only)

FREE CareSens N meter OR upgrade to a CareSens N Premier for a limited time.

If you are a CareSens II meter user and not eligible for a free replacement meter from your pharmacy, you can get a FREE CareSens N meter or choose to upgrade to a discounted CareSens N Premier. Click below to register and order your meter.