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JUMPSTART is a fun health and fitness programme for people with diabetes. It’s designed to help you (and others just like you) learn to manage your diabetes, feel better, get more energy and live a more healthy life with diabetes. JUMPSTART is available at YMCA’s in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Invercargill.

If you would like a FREE assessment for JUMPSTART, just say YES in the drop down below. The YMCA will be in contact to discuss the programme and assess your suitability.

The full JUMPSTART programme only costs $80 for 10-weeks and includes unlimited access to the YMCA gym facility for that period. So sign up, meet like‐minded people and support each other as you do something positive about your diabetes.

FREE meter replacement (for CareSens II users only)

If you would like a free skin for your CareSens Meter (only available for CarSens N and N Pop Meters) please select from the options below.


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